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How to brake on your bicycle?

As important as pedaling, here is how to brake efficiently.

Where are my brakes? Normally the front brake is next to your left hand and the rear one on your right. But it's the other way around in some places, like Great Britain, so check it to be sure :)

Should I use the front brake or the rear one? To make it simple, the front brake helps you to stop your bike and the rear brake is there to slow down and control your speed.

So if I need to slow down, what do I do? Pulling gently the rear brake will allow you to control easily your speed.

And if I need to stop? To avoid falling or drifting, the braking should be performed while going straight forward. Look toward the spot where you want to stop, you'll have feedback to adjust the braking and stop where you want to. Pull progressively the front brake and gently the rear brake.

It's always useful to take some time to know your bike. Ten minutes on a quiet parking lot to practice your braking skills, it's cool. Worn out brakes or new ones, or a tuning can affect your braking. Check this page for more information about your brakes <3

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